torsdag 24 februari 2011


How to have an Egyptian-style revolution here in Britain? Particularly when our unions are so ineffective and slow-moving? Anne Alexander replied by citing the role of the trade unions in the Tunisian uprising. The union leadership in Tunisia was deeply tied to the regime, but pressure from below broke those ties and forced the leadership to call for a general strike. This suggests, she argued, that even unions with conservative or timid leaderships can be transformed into effective vehicles for popular dissent.
What can citizens in Britain do to help? Dina fielded this one. “How do we help the ‘Arab Street’? Have a revolution here.”
Ovanstående är avslutningen på en artikel med rapporter från Kairo - The Spirit of Tahrir. Det borde som många säkert förstår gå bra att byta ut "Britain" mot andra länder med tröga och ineffektiva, men potentiellt starka fackföreningar. Vad säger ni om det, damer och herrar vid Norra Bantorget i Stockholm?

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