lördag 31 augusti 2013


Några välförtjänta snytingar utdelas (dock utanför bild) i bifogad lilla film.


Och till slut just ett slut från en lång och ganska informativ artikel om de senaste årens utveckling i Syrien. PYD som nämns är den ledande kurdiska organisationen i Syrien:
What is certain is that foreign military intervention will have no unambiguous allies on the ground, as it did in Libya, and no well-defined territories to secure. Tactical co-ordination with Turkey will most likely run into problems in the northeastern provinces, where tensions between Ankara and the PYD simmer just below the surface. The steadily increasing sectarianization of the civil war threatens to drag not only Hizbullah but also Iraqi Shi'is into the conflict to protect their co-religionists. And if outside intervention actually does manage to destabilize the Ba'thi regime, who knows what additional horrors might be inflicted upon vulnerable communities all across Syria?

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